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A Ball At Robert's Castle?

    Robert finally figured out how to do a good disguise. He had one of his servants help him act differently, because they had more experience. Invitations were being made and sent out already. Alison received an invitation that was for King Thomas and Queen Eve to come. “Why don’t you come with us?” Queen Eve insisted.

    “Oh of course, but can we have disguises? King Robert might be there…” Zofia suggested and worried. “Oh of course, follow me, the rest of you, might want to get ready.” Queen Eve said. The others nodded and went into their bedrooms and got dressed for the ball. The ball starts at 10:30 am, ends at 2:00 pm. Taylor wore a long light blue dress, dark blue Mary Janes and had her hair in a French braid. Rose had a long light dress with yellow heels and her hair down.

    Zofia was told that the king was named Acinar, which was surprising because King Acinar died from old age, oh well the name must’ve got so good to name people after now. Zofia decided not to have a disguise after all, if he’s there, then oh well, it won’t be his castle. Zofia was wearing a long white dress with sleeves down at her elbows, two braids for her hair and for the shoes, white ballet shoes. Alison had her had down into two side pigtails with green ribbons, a green dress going up to her ankles, and light green slip-ons.

    The gentlemen wore tuxedos and were looking very handsome. Queen Eve wore a red gown and her hair down and brown shoes. Then it was 10:23, everyone got in carriages, but they rode separate carriages, Zofia rode with Alison, Taylor with Rose, Ethan and Ryan, Jack with Adrien. As they were on their way to the ball, Alison looked at the ring on her finger.

            “What’s the matter Alison?” Zofia asked concerned. “Oh it’s nothing, don’t worry, I’m fine” Alison said, trying to help her sister to relax. Then when they arrived at the castle for the ball, Zofia and Alison had a weird feeling about this place. Then Alison saw what looked like a destroyed village. “Hey, big sis, isn’t that the same village that was near Robert’s Castle?” Alison asked. Zofia looked and gasped as the minute she saw it.

    “I think that’s our original hometown! Calico Village!” Zofia said with a shock look. “Then that means, this is Robert’s castle!” Both said in a shocking sound into their voice. “We should probably get out of here!” Zofia suggested. “But our friends! We can’t leave them behind!” Alison demanded. “Alison, we must leave at once! Because if we go in there, we can get caught and be taken away!” Zofia warned.

            “You can leave, but I’m not leaving our friends behind!” Alison whined as she got out of the carriage and ran up to the others. “Alison!” Zofia yelled. Then a butler came out and offered to help Zofia out of the carriage. Zofia hesitated before saying or doing anything. “I’m fine.” Zofia said as she pushed the butler aside, then grabbed Alison’s hand.

    “We must leave Alison! Before anything bad happens!” Zofia demanded. “OH MY GOD! NO WAY AM I LEAVING MY FRIENDS BEHIND! GOT THAT! DON’T YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME!?” Alison shouted with an angry face. “I do listen, but I also care!” Zofia replied. “If you care, then why are you suggesting of leaving our friends behind!?” Alison questioned.

    “Fine, but let’s hurry everyone, this is King Robert’s castle!” Zofia cautioned. But before they could do anything, some guards came out and lead them inside the castle. Which made Zofia irritated because she knew that if she and her sister were to leave when they had the chance, they would’ve never be forced into inside of the castle. Zofia wasn’t happy as she gave a disappointed glare at Alison.

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Submitted on
November 20, 2016