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The Story Of The Great Ring

As everyone got comfortable, King Thomas sat down on a chair with his wife sitting in a chair next to him, that’s facing everyone else. “Alright, a very long time ago, there was a king named King Acinar that ruled over a village named after him, Acinar Village…” King Thomas told. Ten years ago, King Acinar Evans was out in his village when he saw a ring that some gentleman was selling.

    King Acinar walked up to the man and offered one of his fancy rings for the ring that the villager is selling. The villager agreed and traded the ring that Acinar offered to trade in order to have the ring that was being given away. So Acinar wore the ring and when he returned to his castle.

     An enchanter was doing a spell in his cottage and was testing the spell out, he had to be careful with the spell he was doing, it was a powerful spell, and if it were to be gotten wrong then it would have to find the most nearest valued object, like a ring. So when the enchanter did the spell, he got distracted by a bird chirping loud enough that it startled him, making him lose his focus and concentration, and as soon as he did, the spell went off and got into the ring.

            Acinar noticed a line of sparkling glitter was flying in the air then going into the ring. The ring glowed up with like a white aura around it. Acinar knew the spell well, because his father tried to cast and use this spell on himself. But the enchanter was lucky that this kind of ring was near. Otherwise, if weren’t then the spell could’ve killed the enchanter or someone important, because since the person is valued, the spell wouldn’t want someone.

    It would want something. Because that valued person is a living thing, meaning it won’t live forever. A ring isn’t living, and is valued so it hangs onto it forever. Acinar’s father died, because nothing valued enough was nearby. Acinar decided to give the powerful ring a name, he likes naming new powerful things. “The Great Ring” Acinar named. So 5 years later Acinar’s wife, Queen Reina, had a son, named Thomas Evans. When Prince Thomas turned 13 years old, he met a young woman named Eve.

            Eve was the same age as Thomas, as they grew up in the passing years together. And when they turned the age that was old enough for marriage, Thomas really loved Eve, so he decided to marry her. Eve agreed to marry Thomas. Acinar looked his wife and nodded, he was going to use The Great Ring as a wedding ring for Eve.

    When Thomas’ and Eve’s wedding day arrived. Prince Robert James was at their wedding. He did wanted to be king, because he wanted power. After Eve and Thomas got married, Robert noticed that Eve’s ring is The Great Ring. So he lashed out with anger. “I wanted that darn ring so dang bad!” Robert whined with anger in his voice. 

    “Please give it to me!” Robert requested as he held his hand out to Eve. “No way Robert! Why should I give my wedding ring to you!?” Eve questioned and waited for an answer. “Because that is The Great Ring!” Robert told Eve. “Still, why do you need it!?” Eve asked and this time she demanded for answers.

    “It holds powerful powers! I want to be powerful!” Robert replied. “Why so you can be greedy and take over this dang world!? Yeah never are you getting this ring!” Eve said as she took off the ring and pretended she threw it somewhere. Robert got angry and paranoid and pushed Eve aside and ran to search for the ring.

            Eve looked at her very close and trusted friend named Victor, and gave the ring to him. “Please take it somewhere safe, and don’t worry I’m sure there’s plenty of rings for me to use as a wedding ring.” Eve said with confidence. Victor nodded and he went into the village into his house and put it into a box, and close the box then locked it. Victor’s wife, Emily, took the box and hid it somewhere safe.

    Back to the present…, “And Victor is the father of Madero…” Thomas said. “Wow, wait how did Robert become king?” Rose questioned. “He found someone named Sarah, he pretended he was as nice as she was, but he only used her to get married so that he can became married, so after they got married, Robert killed Sarah by stabbing her in the chest with his sword.” Thomas answered. “Dude, that is not cool.” Adrien said.

            “Well King Robert is the kind of person that would do anything in order to get what he wants, he used a women to get married and to be king, he’s tracking us down in order to get the ring himself.” Zofia stated. “Guys, isn’t it getting late?” Taylor yawned with a sleepy look on her face. “You guys go ahead, Jack can I talk to you privately please?” Alison asked. Zofia raised her eyebrows at Alison with a surprising feeling.

    Jack nodded and followed her outside of the room. “Okay, what I’ve just realized, is that what happened to us, us leaving our parents behind in order to be safe, I feel like that I made you do the same for your father and Taylor for her parents…” Alison said with a sad look on her face.       

    “This was my choice, and besides, my father would’ve probably want the same for me, because the same happened for him, he regretted of leaving my mother behind, but she had to stay in order to protect my father and I” Jack said with a calm voice. “Okay then…” Alison said with worry in her voice. They both went into their rooms, but Alison was still worried, she couldn’t sleep, but she realized she has her sister and friends to help her through this.

    So she just shrug it off and closed her eyes then dreamed away.


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Submitted on
November 20, 2016