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Alison's Memories

    Jack looked at Alison’s eyes and made direct eye contact towards her. “I am Jackson, your best friend, but I prefer Jack.” Jack introduced. “Nice to meet you Jack, but never sure that you are my best friend, but friends is a good start…”Alison alleged. Zofia pushed Jack aside and gave Alison a tight hug. “I am your older sister, Zofia…”Zofia claimed. “Okay, if you’re my big sister, then where’s our parents?” Alison asked with confusion before giving a hug back. “Well…that is something that should be told inside and have a seat for….okay?” Zofia unhappily shown a sad look as she slowly took Alison’s hand and offered to take her inside.

    “Okay sure, but first I want to know who you other people are…”Alison inquired as she looked at Rose and the others. “Well I am Rose, a friend of yours and your sister’s…”Rose bowed with a smile on her face. That was Rose’s favorite self-introduction, because it always reminded her of how her mother used to do it before serving pastries in their used-to-be bakery named “Mama’s Little Sweet Gifts”. “I am also a friend, I’m Taylor.” Taylor self-introduced as she stepped beside Rose’s left side and bowed. Alison smiled at the two girls, she thought they seem quite lovely and such beauty before looking at Ryan, Adrien, and Ethan. “Oh, um…I am Ryan, Jack’s oldest brother.” Ryan presented himself. Then he elbowed Ethan from his right side and Adrien from his left side.         

    “I am Ethan, Jack’s second to oldest brother, and this is our younger brother, Adrien.” Ethan presented as he patted Adrien’s back. Adrien just only gave a crooked smile, he sometimes get shy around new people, but since this is someone who he already knew and lost their memory, it made him feel uncomfortable, knowing he has to self-present to someone he already knows, which gets annoying for him. So Alison took Zofia’s hand and walked inside with the others following behind. They went into the castle’s living room, a room that is good for chatting and sorts of other things. So once everyone got settled and have token a spot to sit, Zofia’s sad look on her face, immediately went from sad straight to serious sadness. Because this story even makes her feel emotional by just even remembering it at all. So it was going to be tough for her to reveal the awful story about their past three years ago. “Alright three years ago…”Zofia said.


Three years ago….“Alison went near a lake then she felt something bumpy at the bottom of her feet. “Well what is this bumpy feeling, could the method be true? Could eating too much noodles give you bumpy feet!?” Alison feared with a gasp, remembering the method that Zofia told her about, but honestly, the only reason Zofia really told Alison that, so she can stop eating so much noodles, that they might end up running out of noodles for the fifteenth time. But this bumpy feeling she was that was being felt on the bottom of her feet was very different, so she took off her left sandal and put her foot on the right direction farther away from the spot she felt the bump.


          Because she wanted to make sure that the noodle method wasn’t true. So as her foot touched the ground, she didn’t feel the same bumpy feeling from the spot she had her foot on, so she moved it around, then she put her foot back onto the same spot she felt the bump. Not only did she feel the bump again, but she the size and the temperature of it this time. The grass wasn’t wet and cold. So Alison took her foot off the spot and saw something shiny and small, in the size of a ring. She bent down and picked up the ring and placed it onto her other hand and looked at it very closely. She liked how shiny it was and the color of it. “Well aren’t you a pretty one?” Alison astounded.


    She put the ring onto her finger and heard her name being called. “Alison, dinner time!” A woman’s voiced yelled. The woman’s voice was Alison’s mother, June. Alison nodded and ran towards her house and walked inside. Before she sat down at the table next to her father named Henry. And on her left side, Zofia was sitting next to her. “We are having soup and pork chops.” June said before pouring the soup into Henry’s green bowl. Then she did Alison’s gray bowl next. Aliso always hated how that her father was always the first to get the food. Because it would be very warm, and she loves it when it was always warm. But no, she just gets the second best, the regular warmth in her food. Which was not her favorite, but it’s not something to complain about, meaning she has other things she rather complain about. So she just glared at her father and took her spoon and swirled it around in her soup.

    Henry noticed the glaring from Alison and gave his brown eyes onto her with a firm look, in a way that it would look like he had a concern feeling about something. Alison looked at her father, but only from the corner of her eye, she tried not to make herself look like she’s really looking at him, so she tried to put her bangs at her eyes and just looked at him from the corner of her eyes and just swirled the spoon in her soup. “Alison.” Henry said sternly. “Father.” Alison talked back sternly. “Excuse me?” Henry requested with that stern still carried in his voice for an answer to slip from Alison’s lips. Alison scoffed as she rolled her eyes then looked her father straight into the eyes and gave the most irritated and most serious look she could ever give to anyone at all.

    “Father, it isn’t fair when the father bird gets the first worm…in other words, I am not trying to complain about this, because it’s not something to complain about but…now that you’re asking for answers, then fine! I WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO GET THE FOOD, LIKE HONESTLY, I DO KNOW YOU AND MY MOTHER ARE MARRIED, BUT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD BE ALWAYS PUTTING EACH OTHER FIRST AT THINGS THAT SHOULDN’T EVEN MATTER, BUT NOW IT DOES SEEM TO MATTER, LIKE WHAT THE HECK, THINK ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN!” Alison bellowed her confession. “Alison…what in the King Robert’s name are you talking about?” Zofia asked with an annoyed expression on her face.     Alison replied by pointing her finger at her father’s bowl filled with soup. “He always gets the first serving, why don’t I ever get the first serving…” Alison complained as her eyes were on her father’s bowl of soup. “Oh dear lord…” Zofia groaned as she flipped her hair with her hand. “Alison, it does not matter on who gets it first or last… all that matters is that we are getting food…this isn’t a contest.” Zofia exasperated with an annoyed sigh.
    “Well…” Alison started as she put a few of her fingers upon her lips, including the one with the ring on it. The shine of the ring caught Alison’s mother’s attention. “Well you got something new at the table, tell us about it.” June asked with a curious appearance on her face. Alison realized on what her mother meant as she glanced at the ring, then looked at Zofia and her father. 
          “Oh this, well I found it on the ground near a lake… at first when I felt the bumpy feeling at the bottom of my feet, I thought the noodle method you told me, was you actually became true. So I tested it out, by taking my sandal off and took my foot off the spot I felt the bump and moved my foot around and I felt nothing, so I put it back onto the same spot. Then that time, I felt something cold and small.     Like the actual size of it, so I took my foot off of it and saw this ring.
    And so I thought it was pretty and shiny, then I placed it on my finger and came home.” Alison described. “Hm, you know that King Robert actually was looking for a certain ring, and that ring you found, looks like the ring he’s wanting.” June told Alison as she looked closely at it. “Cool.” Zofia said happily with a smile on her face. 
    Then two days later, Gilbert, King Robert’s servant, returned and told about the ring being found. “WHAT!!!???” King Robert exploded in rage as he stood up straight from his throne chair and threw the cup he was holding, filled with water at the left wall from the entrance doors. “GUARDS! GO INVADE CALICO, AND I SHALL MEET YOU THERE!” King Robert shouted a demand.           

His guards prepared for their invasion to Calico Village, some got onto their horses and got their weapons ready. “Alright charge, ahead, thus Calico Village!” Captain Williams commanded as the guards start heading for Calico Village. “Oh my, Alison! Zofia!” June cried with fear to her daughters. “I think that ring is the wanted ring” June said as she pointed at the ring on Alison’s finger. “Oh no, so this is King Robert’s guards attacking, this must means that he wants to take the ring…” Zofia supposed. “Girls, listen to me, you both should gather your things and go hide somewhere else safe, and it’s not safe here…please we don’t want you be in any more danger.” Henry suggested an offer but he didn’t like it by the sad expression on his face. “No, we can’t leave you guys behind…” Alison insisted. “Alison, please, for your own safety’s sake.” June softly cried. “Come on Alison, it’s for the best…” Zofia spoke with a sigh. Alison gave a little nod, but she still didn’t like how she has to leave her parents behind. Zofia and Alison gathered their things into two bags. They hugged and kissed their parents goodbye then went outside with their things and got into their stables. Grabbing out two horses, Heaven and Melody. Zofia hopped onto Heaven as Alison got on Melody.


          “Ready Alison?” Zofia asked with a guilt sound in her voice. Alison slightly nodded at her and looked down at her hands before clicking her tongue to go forward. They rode through around the fires, managing to jump over things, and finally got out of the invasion. As they got up onto the hills, Alison and Zofia looked back at their home for one last look. Alison looked at the village then her eyes dropped onto her hands, tears were running down on her cheeks as she will forever miss her home village. No more hearing the little children groups sing and dance, no more going to the bakery that their mother owns, no more of seeing their friends, and no more seeing their parents. So they both took a deep breath and looked at each other and turned back around then headed off. Not knowing of what’s going to happen to their parents.” Zofia explained the story.


          “Oh man, now come to think of it… I honestly never got to know of what happened to my parents then…” Zofia worried. “Well at least I got to know of what happened with my past…” Alison said before looking at the ceiling. Then she saw a light, a light that looked like it was the same from before. This time it’s giving back her memory, because it wanted to just to see if she was still with the ring. “Oh boy, what happened?” Alison asked before looking back down to face everyone. “Aye, where is Queen Eve and King Thomas?” Alison questioned. “Yay! Your memory is back!” Rose cheered as she hugged Alison tightly. Alison smiled and hugged back, but she didn’t know what happened to her.

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Submitted on
November 20, 2016